Saturday, May 20, 2006

Whats up doc.

What the hell happened to the weather ! I was just getting into a nice summery groove, as a winter hater and a sunflower - this summer thing is far to short lived!!! Come on!! Next week forcasted rain and grey!

I seemed to get little done today...The jag is on target and needs another 20hrs or so over the next week to have it completely broken down, it hasnt taken long really, I'll be glad when the tub goes...I then have the more pleasant job of restoring the bits and pieces as units...I will blast most things and then etch and paint them satin black...Its just light and pleasant work that way, spraying is fun and there is no prep! letting machines do all the labour and it takes less time than arsing about. Thats work I like. I like clean assembly too, still plenty of disassembly to do, I am sure the susp is gonna be a pig, all the joints are held on with castle nuts and pins...gonna be fun, not! The motor will keep me busy for a while but on the whole I don't think its gonna that labourious as a project, most of the labour will be clean and pleasant work.

The spit has been far worse as I have to make stuff all the time and rack my brain.

I noted with these old engine gaskets its best to retorque the sump and timing cover once they have been heated a while, just happened to notice a glob of oil on one of the nuts, checked the torque and it had halved, hense a wee leak! Note for the future. Leak now fixed.

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