Saturday, May 27, 2006


I have been threated with an asbo for running my car at idle by a neighbour in some new houses over the fence lol...cheeky git from London who moves here and buys up our/locals houses with his retirement delusion of a quiet country life, he wont be coming round again, i kindly pointed out that area used to be a quiet orchard and our lives have been messed up here by it - I was woken up by builders for 12months- everyday, he is welcome to get the council round and to out a meter in his house for noise, being as i can't even hear my car or feel it in my bedroom he is a whining bastard! so we fell out 8-)

I can't stand city folk who move to the country, they add NOTHING to the economy and bring a selfish and annoying attitude, ruining rural life...I managed not to swear at him, I am gonna run my car more later to piss him off.

I'll run the bench grinder more often and angle grind some stuff up too.

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