Sunday, May 21, 2006

No rest for the wicked.

Was intending to put the alloy Josh dropped over to good use, making a rad shroud. Also pondering cutting the arches from the bonnet and make some arches fixed to the bulkhead and chassis, completely watertight...shouldnt add any weight and keeps my engine bay mess free, dry and unsalted etc...the standard system is a bit useless and I don't want rubber seals and things.

Sadly I had to spend 8hrs fixing up a set of DHLA45E for a customer in the USA, I had been putting him off but he's persistant...They were looking pretty ugly being UK carbs, 8hrs later they look pretty damned good, bench tested ready to go! Used a wet blaster to restore the cases. He is converting from Zeniths? To proper carbs on his Lotus Esprit 907 engine. After some float valve issues I now test all carbs under pressure and set the fuel level not the float height....Time consuming business, my backs aching + sonic washer drills into your mind.

Also looks like tomorrow I'm sorting a set of 48's for a rally car in Ireland but lucky those are mint anyway so maybe only 2hrs there replacing gaskets and such. Might get this shroud made yet!

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