Tuesday, May 30, 2006

54minute engine removal.

Its out started at 5.30....tis now 18.31. I will strip it in a moment (literally)


I built it simple for a reason.

Could do without this hassle, don't push your crank past 0.030" regrind.

Maybe was silly to re-use the crank it had been on 0.010+ 20+ 30+ and had over 60000miles of abuse in my hands and lead a life before that. Can only put it down to the excessive gring on the big ends....1mm undersize...Shame it had been a good friend. TH5 is a too mild for my engine anyway so maybe its a good thing.

Top end was fuelled ok but weak in performance, maybe carb chokes, but my fast road 89 cam made more power than this one and rev'ed clean to 7500 on small chokes so I blame the cam...

I have 1.75 roller rockers for sale £125, and a barely used TH5 with followers £100. TH5 ideal for 1500 engine or stock 1300. 1.75 rockers ideal for stock camshaft, nice power hikes all over.

Gonna go crazy on the cam this time and find an unground crank!

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