Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Todays bits

Not much done today, did 12hrs real work to enable some more slacking time and 2hrs on the car.

Made the first bit of the rad shroud with my last bit of very thin alloy. Finally fitted the dissy, used some welseal on the gasket for a change as I could never 100% de-leak this area...I found the best dissy drive gear I could find, result is that there is no play at all between the rotar arm and camshaft gear, also the cam is 100% new, not a grinder to the gear hasnt been atleast 50,000 already! no play on the dissy drive etc at all, sweet never had it so good....found a poofy breather filter for my catch tank under a pile of stuff.

Went over everything I have attached to just check its all done up ! it was.

Statically timed it. Bit more wiring work.

Might sort the valance tomorrow...ergh bodywork....

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