Saturday, May 27, 2006

Frustrating fiddling

The BPR7ES solved my roughness and now have nice biscuit plugs and more constant engine feel.

I spent two hours trying to find the perfect timing but cannot get a feel for whats bang on atm cause other things aren't right, I'm torn over a few degrees atm. Wasted time there, need some G-Meters like Josh or something I had the perfect figure stamped on my steel pulley but thats now in a scrap pile!! half the reason I was lost was cause the carbs aren't bang on a bit too much advance will quash the effects and make it run smoother, so I noticed before - so I can't be sure where I am is right cause of the carbs!!

I will be off to rent this rolling road next week, or atleast stick it on one just up the road and a quick squirt, I just can't be arsed pissing around, then I can get on with jetting it up and alike.

I just can't "feel" the right area atm and I can't boot it hard yet to see, maybe a bit premature worrying about it! I just wanted to get the low end running back to where the old engine was but infact it just got worse all day! All part of the game, the old engine ran so well it's not a day job to get it all back to that level I think I spent 2months fiddling with it everywhere I went!!

So somehow I screwed up my carb balance, which I fought with for a while, till I realised, not sure my meter is working right as I checked it and adjusted it, but it ended up out of wack, so I retuned the idles to get the idle quality back so that pissed up light throttle clarity and made it fluffy which I could have been blaming on the timing!!

Hard game this tool-less tuning trying to find perfection 8-)

So today was a complete waste of time - These tube and rod meters need to be 100% level to get a decent reading...I might buy 10metres of vacuum tube and bolt the sucker to the wall after spirit levelling it! So I wasted a while on that. Took me an hour to get it back to what I think is good at idle but then it was 11pm and annoying thats ends my testing for today! If I had my way i'd still be outhere! - Hopefully tomorrow will yield results as the carbs are balanced to perfection again -and post should bring me some more jets.

Engine has loosened up alot now its got 250miles on it, given a few boots to 5K feels ok, hard pull in 2nd- but being a perfectionist it feels a bit crap really- the old one was that good I cannot be expected to find that type of running in 2days, regret selling those carbs to Fewster now as these need pumps tailoring etc etc! Tiring. Needs perfect timing first and then some jet tests, but I can't do the timing properly till I can give all the revs.

Run £35 of Super unleaded through it in the last 2 days.

1/3 of the rad now sheilded and it runs at 73-75C in open road, which is about what I want for good power...with obvious running benefits, 65C is too cold.

I was on the verge of breaking something earlier, so I resorted to a scotch instead, two drinks in one week, that more than 3years worth! Ack.

Be interesting to see how the TH5 compares to the FR89, doesn't seem to be much difference low down or torque wise...

So overall a highly annoying and fruitless evening, I hope tomorrow is dry and I can pull back some results with the lessons of today fully ingested and mulled over.

So far its used NO oil at all not a drop.

Oh and my diff is pissing oil out it wasn't doing that before, why now its just been sat quiet and run gently for two days? Is there no end to it!!!! Diff's are the bane of my life!!! I haven't even bothered to look where its coming from - Time to buy a proper new one with a new CW and Pinion. So looks like I'll have to keep refilling it for my testing...Good time to install a 1inch spacer under the diff inplace of my 1/2". GRRR

I hate wasted time.

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