Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Th5 to mild, TH7 being ordered tomorrow. Should give a massive top end power increase, the TH5 was good in the middle but poor over 6250, just strained feeling. Hopefully back together half a day after a cam arrives! If I had the bits I'd have done it all tonite.

Will uprate and increase the size of the flywheel bolts too!

Whipped the head off and nice to check the insides out...Will go and tidy up shortly and put it to one side for now! Hopefully I can get a cam quickly...I'll not bother to inspect anything on the crank....

I knew the TH5 was gonna suck, the FR89 was a beast of a cam compared....If you have a decent road spec 1300 small crank on twin Webers.Dellortos forget the TH5, go for a FR89 -TH6 or Race 83 TT. Th7 if you want some big wattage...

More expense but thats tuning for you.

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