Wednesday, May 03, 2006


Finished the bonnet wiring, fitted the lights and neated everything up.

Built up and fitted the stock rockers, I cleaned them in the sonic bath with some dishwasher cleaner, it really cleans well! they were black and came out like new ! credit to finish dishwasher cleaner the blue stuff. It cleans alloy of a type like the pedestals superbly!

Set the tappets to 16".

Rocker covers vent pipe has been moved to the other side, its away being welded up.

Nearly there, still need to prep my valance and get it top coated...hmm, I must say the car looks amazing fitted up, like a spitfire on steriods.

Jobs to do before it moves again : propshaft, fit pressure regulator and plumb fuel line, get header tank welded and fitted, test run the motor at 2000 rpms for a few minutes, couple of small jobs left...Windscreen frame needs painting black....Not alot...


reeksy said...

that looks like a big tappet clearance, Dave ;-)

David Powell said...

your right, nice quiet runner with 16" gaps 8-) Why do think the bonnet has a bulge??!?! 8-)