Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Little Brothers Big Brother

A distraction has arrived. Can't see much happening on the spit this month. Its a Series 1 and half E-type it has 265hp and 4.2Litres of CC, 4 speed! Its gotta be stripped to the bone for first week in June. Its quick car, good ride and balanced handling, the engine behind the front wheels so good weight dist. I am taking care of its mechanicals while its being painted, the tub will going for paint elsewhere and come back black, looks like I am then giving everything a once over and reassembling the entire thing and trimming it... Stripped the inside and rear trim and lights etc to the front doors tonight, will try and get it stripped completely of trim and outer fittings tomorrow... Then bonnet off and get the motor out as it leaks and needs some careful and meticulous attention, its a good runner with decent pressure, feeble by my Triumph standards 8-) Then drop the front subframe and suspension off as one lump....It looks pretty basic and easy to work on....lot of stuff under the bonnet 8-) Its a sound runner and the tubs pretty solid.

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