Saturday, May 27, 2006

Sump baffle + F1

Works well, the picture was pre-pop-riveted. Stamp the brakes, no surge at all.

F1 qually today looks tight, watching times for practice on ...Hard to call the tyres, both Bridgestone and Michelin look strong over 3-4laps on a new set - Hopefully Alonso will crash soon or have a DNF, horrible spanish git needs Schumacher to take him down a peg or two, he walked to a challengeless title last year, he doesn't deserve such a high level of arrogance yet, he best make the best of this year cause he will be nowhere in the Mclaren next year, that team is not great atm, no renault package thats for sure, too conservative. Love Alonso's arm waving and constant denials about everything, he's a prat.

Just as I type Schumacher goes 1.8seconds faster than anyone!!! There is hope yet!! Mclaren look quite racey this weekend.

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