Wednesday, May 31, 2006

On the way!

Ordered a TH7, might be here tomorrow.

Still hunting for ARP flywheel bolts, couldn't find any today....Anyone know anywhere?!

Just need to pop to Worcester and pickup some more decent sump and timing gaskets and stick all back together. Found a Coopers copper/asbestos/steel head gasket I am gonna test, it cost me £5 so?! Never used one it'll be interesting to see. Been told to stick some wellseal on it, not a fan of using anything on the head cause it makes getting it off a pain and cleaning up the surfaces for gasket changes means mess in the engine but still...Nothing ventured...Being as its all metal and asbestos should be durable? Autograssers like em. Needed cleaning up a bit its ancient but looks ok.

Whipped all the main caps off and had a look, good to see the discolouration made by 40year old wax was still on the surfaces and they looked as they went in. Everything looks A Ok.

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