Sunday, May 07, 2006


Just finishing off things. Near done. Satisfied the engine is good at this stage, no leaks or weaps at all, yet.

Fitted the regulator properly and plumbed up the fuel line.

Sorted out the header tank by adding another pipe pickup at the top, so the swirl pot dumps its water/air into the waterless part of the header tank, so purging bubbles. Neatened up the water piping.

You may have noticed a longer stud in a funny location on the motor, well all becomes clear. It was drilled and tapped and an alloy ring bolted to onto the top which holds the throttle cables, water pipes free of the head and this only thing needed to locate them firmly bar two tiewraps, the ring edges were buffed so not to cut the pipes over time...No need for anymore fixing points, the pipes etc all hold eachother in place from the tank at the other end...Neat and simply...about 10grams! Ring just pressures the pipes slightly so they stay in place...a scrap from my alloy ewp manifold pipes came in handy!

From above. No bullshit engine bay, everything serves a function, some items serve multiple functions, like brackets and alike...I can't really simplify the thing anymore, this is bare minimum! This system has been honed for a longwhile! The water system takes 7.4litres, which is quite a bit and heavy! But durable and good for cooling.

I made the header tanks extra top pipe inlet fixing from a broken Dellorto fuel union, cut off the pipe bit with a retainer ring and tapped one end to 5/16th, drilled a hole in the header tank cut it to 5/16, smoothered some JB Weld on the thread and screwed it in till it bit the uncut flange, being a fan of bonding it saves welding it and will be just as good me thinks....

Also I deemed the swirl pot pipe/outlet to big and as it flows hot water from the engine back to the header tan, which then goes back to between the rad and water pump it doesnt go to the rad directly, the swirl pots water never gets cooled, so I restricted the flow down to 3mm I/D to encourage more water through the rad and less going round the header tank and bubble purging system....

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