Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Adding a few bits

Pump fittings mainly in all goodridge ebay 50% off items.

Also fitting a decent 3 stage fuel filter ~30 micron, again can be reused for injection as main filter, all these parts are with injection in mind, saves me spending anything later and the parts were all a good deal.

Plus the project really hasn't cost me anything, i'll be £1000 down in total at the end. Bargain really. This is cause I sold all the old stuff, the majority of my stocks of triumph parts, cranks, and anything relating to personal parts for 4 pot Triumph engines, stuff that wasn't need from the VVC engine...I had a decent hoard, which has basically paid for the engine swap and everything up this point... it really pays to look after stuff it holds value!

Also there isn't clutter everywhere here now!

The £1000 will be the seat, paint on the inside and hardtop, belts, waxoyl, new screen, some rubbers....sundries. I have brought EVERYTHING from ebay cheap, waiting months for some parts to appear. I had a period from June to September I really spent nothing.
Fitted the wiper motor, washer bottle, battery drain tube (with grommet not just stuffed down a hole as normal). Also fitted the washer tubing.
This is my new seat, I got a nice one from ebay, bit more than I wanted to pay, but should be a perfect fit and comfy, also comes with runners that can be used with the adjuster rod bent 90, saves me cleaning up the old ones which are pretty horrid to be fair. Yes it says Caterham on it...I might sowe on a Dellorto patch over that :) My perfect seat, its a Tillet seat, well made, racespec and superlight takes a 6 point harness (ah I need one!)...Comes from the R300-R400-R500 series and race cars.
Things coming together now, I need to pickup the seat from Telford, which is ideal as I can go to Fitchetts and get a few triumph items I need...Thats about it for purchases. Hopefully the floorpan will be complete in the next 10days...Leaving just the tunnel.

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