Saturday, November 03, 2007


Boot done. Have to wait a bit for it to fully cure, as it was brushed on, saves tonnes of dust and hassle, it'll be fine in a week or so. Used some fast activator. Once it mostly cured i'll stick a fan heater on low setting under it for a few hours. Brushing is good for getting a thick coat in the tricky areas.
Bulkhead is mostly done. Again sealed the wounds with grey topcoat, where cutting and such like has eaten through the layers of primer, stonechip, and top coats from previous jobs... let it cure and then stonechipped the majority of it, saves prepping up and gives an even finish.

Once the stone chip went off I have given the tricky areas a coat of grey topcoat, brushed again, hard to get a decent coat on the tricky bits with a gun. I'll need to leave the stonechip a week or so to go off fully in areas where its layered on, probably heat the bulkhead for a half day with fan heater on low. You can't rush the stonechip or paint curing as it'll blister or develop bubble marks, has to cure at a slow speed, so its actually good its quite cool atm. Very prone to reaction if you rush the curing, I pray for no reaction when top-coating...Without stripping the whole bulkhead to baremetal and etching it, then stonechipping it, you just have to be patient.

I'll go over the grey areas with some white topcoat, tomorrow maybe when I have finished some other bits by the battery box. Wait for a week and lightly sand off the surface of the entire bulkhead and give it a sprayed topcoat. Never was happy with the paint thickness on the tricky areas anyway.

Same deal on the inside.

I forgot i'll need to weld in some more raduis arm mounts to the rear floorpans/strengthening for the CV jobbie, so that will keep me busy while the stuff cures.

Only had a tiny reaction on a couple of areas so far, so, so far so good.

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