Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Smooth and Self Lubricating Bush

Kinky eh...Even more fun than tits.

Did this mod a while ago. PTFE bushes for the steering column tube. Super smooth, no play, never wear out, self lubing.

One finished column, bar removing the crimp connectors and adding a soldered multipole.
Sexy Filter. Another straight -6 Goodridge and 90 Forged elbow and short braided hose piece will join the filter to a "Krontec" 90deg -6 JIC Bulkhead fitting that will poke out the out the original fuel line hole into the boot..The Krontec fitting has a -6 JIC end and a hardline fitting the other...So hardline alloy tube, with olive, 8mm I/D will run from the bulkhead fitting to the front of the car...I can then attach some normal braided stuff with a clip for now. FI ready.
Stupid column switched has frayed wires and one fell off...I repaired two already before this image...Its pretty easy. Drill out the rivet from the small end...So to take the unit apart.
Snip back wires till you get 3mm of clean wire on the end, snip off the darkenedwire it won't solder, expose good wire. Clean it with flux. To get the wire back into the unit, heat the glob of solder with a soldering iron till it bubbles, then use an rivet shank etc to push through the old wire and remove it...Leaving a nice clean hole...
I then just pushed the wire through the hole, splayed out the ends, put a small drop of flux on the area, heated it till it cleaned the area, then introduce new solder...Job done. Not overly elegant, certainly not as elegant as Dougs bird feeder...
Not quite happy with it, I "potted" the non contact area in epoxy to make it more durable.
Obviously you just ruined the rivet, so just loctite a suitable self taper in its place...Assemble and job done, good as new, well almost.
There you go....£30 quid saved. Also soldered the light switch.
Yet another ebay bargain 50% off...A New Schroth 6 point harness. Really nice kit. Only I got mine in black, hate poofy coloured belts. Don't intend to test it, but its got flexitechnology and super high quality buckle and ball saver crotch straps Schroth make top notch stuff. Shant bother with the crotch bit for daily use :) These belts are highly annoying on the road, you have to piss about with the buckle and you can't lean forward, I find best way is to not bother doing them up and just dangle the belts over your shoulders to avoid getting nicked....Fair enough if you are going quicker do it up...


vitessesteve said...

I like the look of those PTFE bushes where do you get that stuff?

David Powell said...

Chap called UKROY on ebay.

Trades as Ringwood Precision Engineering. I had to lathe the outside diameter down, also bore the inside...Just a friction fit into the tube, held with a few M5 socket screws...

Great mod, really recommended!