Thursday, November 15, 2007

Like nestling between a big pair of breasts.

Its a very good fit, very supportive, once you're in, you're in, eh.

Lovely quality!
Very stiff and rigid, lovely smooth runners.
Fits perfectly...
Stacks of room infront, side to side and your arse is 1" from the floorpan...Perfect.
So much excess room I can even straighten up the odd driving position a bit...moving the seat 2" to either side in final fitting and setup.
No hassle like EVERY other seat.

I'll clean it up later and stick it to oneside till the pedals and wheel are in then fit it properly...I'll get the position right and also the rake angle, I like mt driving position to be perfect. It took me a while modifying the standard seat to suit...I did sit in it, gonna be interesting getting in and out, but not too bad :)
Happy bunny!
Oh the seat is 4.8kilos with the runners...Versus 10kilos for the normal seat and runners.

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