Friday, November 09, 2007

More making of mess

Started on cleaning up the back of the cabin.

This car was a good buy! 7 years on its just it was when rebuilt, no rust anywhere.
Removed the tar? sound deadening sheets...All 750grams worth...Cracked and nasty and leaving black marks on anything put in that area.
Fitted both the roto mounts, after careful adjustment as they were a bit wonky.
Seam welded in.
More my cup of tea...I'd seam the hole tub if I was doing another one.
Roto brackets with two holes to adjust the toe change with ride height changes.

Bit behind schedule for the day as I picked up the welder this evening, went to do a few tests and it would not weld anything! It was perfect last time I used it... Not even a piece of 1mm on full power...Spent 4hrs stripping it down, sonic washed the wire tube, head and rebuilt it all, worked then...and well!

Hopefully tomorrow I can sort the other few jobs in this area and get some primer on the bare stuff, blow some stonechip over a few bits to neaten up the surface and seam seal a few bits then paint it the next day. That leaves just the area infront of the handbrake to be prepared for the gearbox tunnel and the floorpans...

I wanted to get the entire construction and tarting of the tub done before Matts Spits arrives, I can then have a nice clean space, no more anglegrinding and paint to do...Two cars here, both clean and lovely and niether creating a mess...and both requiring just sticking together and getting working...Just what the doctor ordered!

Probably get some guy who trimmed the Jag to make me some small thin pop-down carpet sections to go in the footwells and just in the floorpans, saves grit, crap and dust annoying me constantly...The only downside of a road-car with no interior! By no means a full carpet job, just on the lower most parts of the floors.

Saving that if I find some carpet sheet, guess what, I am reasonably handy with a sewing machine too, so I suppose I can make my own, and edge them properly, like a real tart job!

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