Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Drawing to conclusion

Just about done bar the heater box area. Thank god.

Basically got some paint on all the tricky bits then flatted it down and blown the entire thing over with another light coat of stonechip, gives a kind of dimple finish, I like that on the bulkhead and topcoat sticks to it like poo to a blanket and it needs no further prep. Didn't put any depth of stonechip/paint on any areas which bolts go through, nothing worse than a big compressed mess when you remove parts.

Yes Hammerite Stonechip! Normally I'd never let anything called Hammerite near anything I own, but this has proved a good product over the years, if applied right anyway. NOT SCHULTZ type unless you think paint sticks well to tar?

Trick with the stonechip (when not worried about any reaction as earlier) is some heat from behind the panel, spray from a really far away distance like 40cm a few very light coats, goes hard fast that way and good coverage with an even finish. The original painter splattered tonnes of the same stonechip brand over etch on the bottom of the car, bulkhead and the finish lasted really well through many years of salt and crap.
Shall leave it for a few days goes to go bonehard, had a small bar heater cooking the bulkhead @ 60C for a few hours on cheap electric last night and the inside of the bulkhead paint is like glass now. You can't rush drying initially as mentioned, but its all settled down so can be baked now.

Then I'll topcoat it, still a bit paranoid about the spraying causing some reaction, so not sure on my approach i'll test the hardeness and go wehn ready, cold weather doesn't help. Then test spray on a few bits on the edges first..In hindsight I should have just baremetalled the entire thing, etch, stonechip, topcoat, nothing to worry about then, as the etch and stonechip don't react with anything, where as the multi layers of old primer, stonechip, paint can be a bit fussy if the thinners start eating through.

Anyways it come up well. I shall clear up and get on with something else now.

These Mintex 1144 don't last long, had a peek at them today, only 3mm left thats 14laps of Nurburgring and a day at Combe! Might try some pagid or some metallics next time. Saying that I intend to fit Canleys caterham hub and upright kit...Thats if Dave lets me order some? :)

Bit paranoid about these old parts as its gonna be bloody fast, the amount of work gone into this thing is plainly obscene I don't want some old crap breaking and killing it.

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