Thursday, November 22, 2007

Not More Silly Kenlowes + more ramblings.

£57 from ebay, a genuine NEW curve blade SPAL fan. Shifts about 10x more air than those prehistoric kenlowes. Sold my Kenlower for £20!

I may fit two, but unlikely...Its on the right for packaging reasons relating to future additions in the oil department.

Added some seal strip to seal to the radiator for maximum through pull and so that no air gets in through the sides it must all come through the rad. It should be held through the rad and sit on the fins, but I ditched the mounting hardware and that idea, measured up before buying to ensure it would fit on the alloy braces of the radiator vua two bolts...Not a fan of pushing hardware through a radiator core, especially on a car regularly taken to pieces.
Pleased with that, the Kenlowe just seemed pretty useless, ugly, fiddly and old hat.

My car is just as simple and functional as I can make it, minimal bolts, hardware, complications and weight, as is reasonable for the time and money input. I won't get into some "hardware battle" with Matt's :) Thats on another planet, respect... :) I haven't got 5 years to spare :)

It'll be interesting to weigh the cars...Speaking honestly I think mine will be quite a bit lighter as its so simple...I'll know after a good chin wag with Croft "Exactly" what Matt's engine will produce, they will be very evenly matched I think with the same driver...

The Fiat engine has plenty of TORQUE and revs past 10,000?!. I need to chat longer with Guy...

There is a "mental" cam in a box that can be fitted if its not HOT enough atm. I must say looking at the camshaft , quality of finish and machining it makes stuff produced by Piper/Kent or down in Lyndey (what came out the "K16" I heard) look like absolute shit. Guy C doesn't piss around. The lobes are shaped in such a way its plainly obvious comparing to a stock cam, also in another box, its rather peaky :) LONG opening on the nose of the lobe, like a big radius not a peak! Its a somerset hill. An earlier nitrided steel billet cam. Not cast or reground, a STEEL cam. Proper business. Nice touch is the roller bearing in place of a spigot bush in the crank.

Had a poke through the parts for Matt's car getting a feel for it this afternoon, whats there, whats not needed, what is needed etc and rearranging the workshop.

Be some nice stuff going spare soon...I'll list it in my Ebay shop.

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