Monday, November 26, 2007

Boing Boing Part 3...said Zebedy after ingesting yet another sugarcube...

New and old. Had my two sets of springs tested. One set was 506lbs and the other set 434lbs. They have gone soft from what they were meant to be!

I decided to give 475lb 2.25" / 6" free springs a run....Should equate to something like 600+ on a heavy car. I can get more springs to try later.

New units are 1200grams each including top seat.
2300grams for the old setup. I suppose I'll come out about 600grams per side lighter overall.
Just modified the seats on a lathe. The bottom seat being loose enough to operate the threading...The top seat being a firm fit in the spring, they won't be falling out anymore anyway...
So thats about it for now. Couldn't get any rod-ends I wanted so ordered some. Got my steel though.

Part 1 done...the brackets will be easy....If anyone likes this idea, I might be tempted to produce 10sets. Advise for hardcore drivers only, race, very fast road.

So normal versus new.

This is why I am not interested in racing...I'd spend 10years building the car...I don't see any race cars with such things on? Surely a benefit...Too much off the shelf junk thats easily fitted me thinks! Same old crap turned out year on year, no genuine ingenuity off the shelf bar from Dave Pearson and TLD...A genuine failing overall within the market, if you ask me...

Oh and AVO kindly agreed to send me some bearings free, nice of him to call....They sent all the replacement bushes free too, to be fair there was a batch of bad ones kicking out and I still don't think they had fixed problem with the last set...

The guy there started trying to tell me there is no problem, and that a 15mm seat is ok for a polybush, that the problem is related to suspension......At this point my pulse raised and I was about let off, so I kindly said I do not agree at all and thanked him for the bearings and ended the call.

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