Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Boing Boing part something.

Bit more progress.

I delayed cause I was pondering some mount Las Vegas Steve showed me a picture of...However working the load calc on the bearings having them flat, I'd have needed to spend £60UKP per bearing to ensure they lasted, as normal ones can only take 1000lbs or so...So I went with the cheap method. The bearings match the load specs on the ones AVO supplied and cost £5 a piece! I'll see how they go, no real movement on them anyway.
Made up these brackets and finished them off on a mill today. There will be another two pieces added to each, TIG'ed on both sides 4mm. The plates are 5mm and will fixed with top grade 3/8th black bolts and K-Nuts and hardened washers on the other side, then can be welded in later if needed or to commitment to the idea. Nothing bad would happen anyway if anything fatigued, the suspension will just drop 1/2" till the top spring mount meets the upright.
In engineering terms it should go on the otherside...However to me this is fine!
Other parts welded on will make the rest of the bracket.

AVO sent me the wrong bearings 1/2", no biggy will just enlarge the holes in the wishbones and use 1/2" bolts.

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