Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Back against the wall

Na, not me. Religated to dunces corner. Hopefully if he doesn't get washed away on the way from London, Matt's Fiat engined Spitfire should be coming tomorrow for surgery and final work.

Finished off the boot.
Tank JIC -6'ed.
Did a few electric jobs, removed crimp connectors from my relay/fuse/electrical hub box, soldered all the joints last night.
Just awaiting a 40mm x 40mm PC auxillary 12V fan to add in the top cover of the box above the EWP controller, to cool the EWP box, as I noticed it was getting quite warm in there on hot days. I'll stick a small mesh grille below the unit as the box will sit 1inch off the panel its mounted to...Probably not needed but i'll be funny!

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