Sunday, November 18, 2007

Let there be light

Gets a bit depressing this time of year. Suffer a bit of SED personally, just feel a bit knackered all winter, takes me ages to get going in the morning...

So dark and horrible today I wired up a REALLY powerful high pressure sodium lamp over the car :) Very nice too, you almost need sunglasses working under it, its warm and gives off REALLY intense bright sunny light...Might have to get a deckchair out and some sand.

Gave the tunnel a miss, wasn't in the mood for it. Finished off my boot fittings instead...Just have to bang the tank back in. I will get some thick sound deadening sheet and stuff it around the tank...I had some in there before. Probably no real need now there is not a 113db micron under the boot creating a sonic shock wave and reverberating around the entire boot.

Call me paranoid, but I everytime I read Raiders blog there appears to be some comment relating to something I have said or done since I disagreed with him about some comments on the Iraq and Terror business...? Shall we start a game, maybe Simon Says?

I mention more technical interest in the magazine, so now there is a comment about all technical stuff being boring and some pictures of people?

Oh well! Please do feel free to put me right. Maybe I am just prompting some subliminal thought process? Or is the blog the new way to put your opinion across where noone can disagree?

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