Saturday, November 10, 2007

More tarting

Major mask up, wire brush in drill session, degrease, rub down!

Primed, ready for a quick stonechip layer then some paint...

Nearly done! I'll meet in the middle soon.

Finally some more nice blue anodised bits turned up from Mocal. I can put those to use.

Still no sign of my airmail package...I told you they'd just incinerate the packages or throw them away.

Alot of traffic on the blog up to 12,000 hits from CT alone in the last year or so...I need to get out more I think. Someone must be clicking refresh alot, who is it, fez up!

Oh and some pervert has been calling me twice a day, well 3 times today, once at 9am, once at 6pm and once two minutes ago at 1am..., not talking and hanging up...I am gonna have to find out who it is and "sort" them out....I'll give them the heavy breathing next time...Takes a difference length of time to hang up each time, so must be a person? I do sleep with a 12bore and there are grenades wired on every entry to the garage... :)

Oh and just checking ebay those throttle bodies are at £310...Was willing to go £389. However since ebay has removed the ability to see who you are bidding against I am pulling out. Some new registered user has been slapping bids on one after the other as soon as someone else bidded, gone to the top bidder and slapped more bids on again...I just don't like entering bidding this way, it could be the bloke who is selling them...This new bidder has been back 3x at various points today adding more bids...My suspitious alarm is ringing. I can pickup some Jenveys for less. Can't stand this new policy, its an invite to scam buyers with shill bids...The throttle bodies are just the ones from a KV6 engine with a funny manifold.

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