Thursday, November 22, 2007

Let the good times ROLL!

How can life be bad?
When you have this lot to "play" with :)

Hopefully they will mate and a produce a child?

Basic work needed.

Turret mod for dry-sump pump.

Fit dry sump tank and plumb.

Design and make bespoke radiator and cooling system. This will exit the hot air through the top of the bonnet via two vents like a Lotus Elise. The radiator will sit in well/bucket, the well will shroud the front area forcing all air through the rad, the area behind the rad will be sealed also, behind, sides, base and seal against the bonnet via bootseal type arrangement. This keeps the high spec supercharged engine cool, exits heat from the engine bay, makes the airflow pressuration of the bonnet area totally minimal and will give a self evacuating air system on the move... so to keep bonnet temps down and induction air cool and stops the engine bay filling full of muck.

Design and arrange bonnet hinge system.

Fit Quaife diff.

Fit Tony Lindsey Dean rear suspension system, using Canley CV shafts, links, alloy wishbones.

Adapt rear disc kit (for swing axles) for use with Rotoflex (if possible, new adaptor plate), make new adaptor plates for handbrake device, caliper.**

** NOTE: This may lead to my first product, however completely different in design to the complex PRI KIT. Which at first glance is well made, if not a little fiddly, nice materials and quality, however they could have drilled the holes for the stud pattern correctly in the discs, looks hand done on a pillar drill, same for the disc mods, lathe job, the holes will need opening out slightly to clear a larger stud, also the handbrake parking device needs different bolts (allen) as you cannot fit it without shaving the heads. The discs which were machined from an Italian car (I know what), oddly I have a pair of whatever they were machined from here for my own idea I started years ago. Interesting kit.

May end up making something from scatch, but the PRI kit is nice to reference.

Weld in roto radius arm mounts.

Rework hydraulic system at the rear.

Plumb brake system.

Finish off wiring, trimming, sort any electrics.

Paint bonnet after modification and door, make door to match the other.

Fix induction system.

Custom made exhaust system.

Get engine running and cautiously tune it !


Test drive :D

Plenty of other small jobs.

Well done Matt on an amazing find.

I have never seen any Triumph like this.

I am sure the blog will be quite interesting soon.


Jony said...

that has to be about the ultimate garage for non triumph engined spitfire! DAMN THEY NICE!!!

David Powell said...

Its a nice place to be!