Sunday, November 04, 2007


Well I was staring at my gearbox earlier.

I know the ratios are gonna annoy me and it'll be near its limit of durability now and certainly in the future.

I think I'll see what I can source in the way of a close-ratio box before I fit the engine, as fingers crossed it won't be coming out again for a while. Tran-X and Quaife. Either a whole box or a clubman ratio set. Something with silly 1st and 2nd gear lengths. I can add my shortened rear extension and gear lever rod to it.

Stock ratios are 1st: 3.65, 2nd 1:98, 3rd 1.37, 4th 1:1, 5th 0.89 or something...

Basically first gear will be useless, 2nd gear will be useless...I know at the Ring and Combe there was nowhere I could use 2nd without being at near on 8000rpm.

Quaife Clubman semi straight cut synchro kits come in the following ratios.

1st - 2.040, 2.200, 2.390, 2.745

2nd - 1.540, 1.690 (so should do 70mph in 2nd at 7000 or so)

3rd - 1.210

4th - 1:1

5th - 0.870, 0.930

I just know it'll be a total nightmare on the normal ratios....Could use a 2.8i box but thats not ideal either...Obviously the perfect solution is the Caterham 6 speed, but unless one falls from the sky into the garage that ain't happening!

Probably be quite painful on the ears with a straight cut box, best design in some large areas for sound deadening on my gearbox tunnel...Also with the carbs right on the bulkhead it'll be a bit brash inside :)

Got a few things kicking around from the old setup and wot not that I can sell to cover the cost.

Conversely to some peoples opinions there are people who enjoy the preperation and engineering side of projects as much as driving them!

Anyways, once this painting is done, its gonna be the part enjoy, the slide downhill to the finish-line!

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