Monday, November 05, 2007

Shiney Shiney

Progressing nicely.

Had a couple of small areas of reaction...sorted those out.

Been using an airmask, better than doing it outside, its been too damp and cold.

Bulkhead is just waiting for the paint to go bonehard now and I'll top coat once I've knocked it back and roughed it up again. Actually getting a really slick finish with a brush after alot of messing about with techniques...So I will just brush the bulkhead the paint is as shiney as from the gun and no real brush marks at all. Also the spraygun I have used it not that good for 2K, I hate painting so won't buying any kit to do any.

I found the best method is to mix the 2K paint 2:1 with activator, leave it in a plastic cup for about 1hr or just over, occasionally mixing it again till it goes like syrup, or a bit runnier....Then slap it on with a nice quality soft brush, it self levels and goes pretty hard quick as thats a big dose of activator. My reaction was due to the fact I slapped some on too easy before the activator had mostly evaporated and started to thicken the paint...

I do not profess to have any interest in painting or related stuff, I hate it. I prefer spanners and engineering!

The top sections and side sections of the bulkhead are done on both sides, nice finish, actually no runs, any visable runs were there from whoever did it before. After leaving the paint to thicken up it just stays where its put on verticals. Come together nicely.

I'll leave the floorpans for a while and will probably spray them? Mainly due to the fact it does take some time for painted on paint to deep harden and it'll be the last job on the floorpans and it'll hold me up if they take a while to harden fully...which is no problem on any other area...the only bolted down parts, pedal box, heater will not be going on for atleast a month.

Be glad to get this done.

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