Wednesday, December 05, 2007


Acid cleaned wishbones ready for some beefing up.

I seam welded and reinforced the spot welded parts and anti-roll bar link.
I must say the wishbones feel much better for it! They were all floppy as usual. This should solve any splitting or cracking with rod-end joints on the roll bar, not that my wishbones were corroded old tatt anyways. Meant to load on the weld a bit below, it'll stiffen it.
Just doing this below has stiffed it no end. I intend to use some solid bushes from RareBitsForClassics via Bill, who has been most helpful in my assisting with my pestering requirements. I will trial run these and adjust the wishbones with a device called a lump hammer, to get the wishbones and brackets perfectly aligned and friction free, bespoke fit...I will then add another brace, tubular to the wishbones probably an X in the V joining the cross brace below at its outer extremities, made from some thin wall tubing, once they are fitted on the car anyways, as you might not get the buggers to fit after of anything is wonky.

Me weldings good now can do it with my eyes closed, no need for any grinding and cleaning up! Need more power though, this is the limit.

Alot of other stuff to do...Inspected all my GT6 front upright system last night. Which is all in perfect order and can be re-used for the time being.

Big shot blasting, etch and powder coating marathon before long.

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Jony said...

thats some mighty fine welding there! hope i can get half as good on the spit!