Thursday, December 06, 2007

Out with the old

The old rear end from Matt's....I say old, brand new never done a mile!

We are keen to get shot of this lot.
Bear in mind these were built quite a few years ago (7 years) before the market was completely infested with tatt. So built from good bits. NEW UJ's, Bearings, shoes, brake cylinders, pipes, superflex bushes and decent UJ's. Its all new, they look they came from Kipping?
AVO's also for sale again these are new, old spec, ie better, these have CORRECTLY sized bush housings and the bushes WILL NOT fall apart in two seconds. They come with purple bushes...Uprated?
TT de-arched swing spring, NEW. Again this is a PROPER spring, with proper leaves and proper weight, the leaves are well formed not just hacked off straight...Better than new.
Few pics under Matt's car.
This lot would not be up to the job of the Fiat Engine! I think Kevin lost his way a bit and got put off by what was needed to complete the thing...I think Kevin was more into show and shine than performance. So Matt has come to the right man, I like things to look nice but also work really well.
The car is mainly "parted" just off the shelf stuff bolted on although very well done, not that much pure engineering or innovation, so hopefully I can leave my mark on the engine bay atleast and get it all working at the best performance possible making the car into a real weapon of war. Diff will come out later.
Neat work in here. Very complex and whatever. Not to me, in design terms.
Not much to do in here. Master cylinder for hydraulic handbrake.
New diff, quaife with 3.63 ratio and new CW & P to replace what looks like 3.89, but its not clear till its out. Its got big flanges and wot not, so maybe be an uprated model...or rebuilt.
Mine might get jealous :)
I'll be taking all the suspension off Matt's as its half off anyway and making sure its all put together right before refitting it, plus making a few adjustments to his front shocks.

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