Monday, December 17, 2007

Bit of fitting up

Did a bit on Matt's, not as much as I wanted, cause its been bloody cold!

I also seem to have picked up a pathetic cold from a mates kids...First bloody cold in 6years! Its a pathetic cold or my immune system is bombproof? Its just annoying one nostril and seemed to be beaten about 4hrs after it started this afternoon. Its gone now!

Fitted a few parts. Coil Pack.
Took the play out the throttle pedal and enameled it.
Made some stainless load spreading plates for the pedal box, which is now in for the last time.
Not going to fit this oil deairing tank yet, but I'll need to weld in a bracket to the chassis for it mount on, so been considering its location, plumbing and how to drain it.
Lucky I got a box of goodridge fittings on ebay for £76 :)
Basically I will run it with the remote filter alone for now, check what the temp gets too when under load, when its all tuned, make a choice about whether to use an laminova water to oil cooler or not, then either plumb in the tank alone, or string the tank into a system with the heat exchanger. I'd like to run a laminova anyway as it heats the oil before it cools it, so aiding the ability to boot the engine earlier on cold days etc. K's likes close water and oil temps and nice constant readings, part of the reason caterham engines don't blow head gaskets.

It's very easy...The top pipe I am holding is the exiting oil from the pump. This goes into the top of the tank...Oil comes out the bottom with air removed, this can then either go to a Laminova which will sit under the carbs and back to the remote filter housing, or simply back without the laminova, back to the remote filter from the bottom of the tank...and back into the engine after filtering. It looks good. This tank also helps mild surge as it stores pressure for brief times when the pump is sucking air.

I will add two extra pipe retaining rings, I'll mill up, to the engine mount on the driver side ready for a laminova if needed. Futureproofed!

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