Friday, December 28, 2007

Summing up

To draw a line under this under episode, some things are clear.

I shall not publish any of the correspondences that been kindly sent as this would unfair to those involved, or those who have kindly proffered an opinion to me.

Oddly no one in objection has voiced any opinion at all.

Some things are clear though.

That is that the greater majority of people who I class as having good skills or individually technically minded thinkers believe have been fully been within my rights to make comments I have, and have hit a nail on its head with everything said about the handling of this situation.

Seems that those in disagreement just have some fragility issues, or other personal motives.

It’s been made clear by no less than 5 skilled technically minded people (sorry there aren’t that many gracing our arena) that I should feel it’s a complement I am seen as a threat? That they see this is main driving force behind certain people motives.

It’s clear that people showing support, do not necessary agree with me on other views I hold, just in this case. As to be expected.

It’s ironic that some of the very same people whining about poorly made or reconditioned parts after long distance events do not hold the same views when it affects people they are friends with etc.

It’s clear within the club there are advocates of mine and people who wish I’d disappear.

Flattering for me the advocates outnumber those who are disparaging by 50 to 1. So the opinions of certain biased individuals acting on personal feeling or personal motives do not bother me at all.

Its clearly shown decisions made on things relate to; if you are in favour with the “chosen” ones.

It’s clear some Officers do their very best to remain impartial, where a small minority of others are driven by alternative motives, this has been the main overriding factor in all my personal correspondences and it’s VERY clear that a lot of people agree here, oddly not those involved! Agreement regardless of whatever they told by those in question, an opinion formed well before this BLOG affair.

This opinion has been expressed in the majority of my correspondences (and there are plenty!) with people I’d class as “standalone” or “rocks” either in technical or personal acumen. Also that certain individuals need to remember they are not elected democratically to act on the clubs behalf.

It seems the only real objection to my BLOG has come from a VERY small group of people. The same people who are always on my case, or swinging about like weathercocks in the wind.

For example one officer says he’d like to see my car on the front page of the magazine after I kick up some debate over the fact I do not find the mag that interesting, obviously supporting my view at this time.

Then I mention something about some products sold by his mate, the wind has changed 180degrees.

A typical example of weathercock politics.

People need to be like James C or Tim B in these Officer roles, not suited to people who are not impartial or pragmatic enough to distance themselves from personal feelings and differentiate between different situations.

I have no time for these people anyway.

One thing that is clear is that a lot of people admire someone who will fight their own corner. As one said “act like a doormat, you’ll get used as one”.

It’s clear quite a lot of people believe I have uncanny ability to cut through shit with a hatchet, especially when other people are stuck in it, or cannot see the wood for the trees.

Rather like the car I built entirely by my own hand cut through cars 98% of the cars at Castle Combe bar a Caterham R400, V8 MGB and Andy V’s racecar.

Like a hot hatchet through butter, cars with all manner of “tuning” parts on….

I have clearly had a lot of support created from my work and advice given out and should take confidence from this. It’s clear that the opinions of a small minority should in no way effect the way I go about things.

I do not have interest in collaboration or supplying anyone with any products I make. I can make, sell and develop my own products; I do not have interest in working with anyone currently producing products, if I decided to develop some.

I will ensure anything made is miles better than whats currently available, so creating my own market. No need to steal anyones business, products talk.

Its clear people are all too willing to add personal feelings to things and try to make things black and white, good and bad driven by these feelings, strange when there is no motive on my side bar the interests of information and the greater good of people, as usual.

It’s obvious that if someone produces products that don’t fit etc they should not be selling them in the first place. It’s not my problem if I talk about. Why people need to defend other people from me, is beyond my comprehension to be honest. It just shows how fragile their foundations are?

I know if I started punting out products they will fit, be made correctly, and test items prior to production will be made by hand and adapted or altered before final production, and there is no chance I would sell something that doesn’t fit etc. Either through naivety, or directly or indirectly motivated.

It’s clear that a small group of people take my “will” to comment on such issues as destructive. It’s only destructive if you are the cause the problem in the first place.

Once again I find flattering that those who I respect in technical aspects, agree fully with me in this case. There is no smoke without fire. I did not start the fire I just stoked it a bit. I do not know a single person who disagrees with the base issue, alteast not anyone not harbouring some personal baggage.

Whether I should go public with my findings is just a matter of opinion, like arseholes, we all have one.

I do sometimes wonder if I am in a “sane” minority.

End of Story.

Normal technical and car related postings will be back to normal from this point onward, unless there is need to get the hatchet out again.

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