Thursday, December 27, 2007

My suggestion for new Club Triumph Blogging Rules

I think they need some solid RULES to gain a degree of parity in the decisions made, rules that take away the power of the Moderators and Officals to remove any personal bias that maybe harboured.

The current rule change leaves it all open to opinion of those making the judgements which is what caused this BLOG to leave the Club.

I do not see the new rules as any use at all, they are open to opinion.

Time to get tough if you want equality.


Rules for bloggers by agreeing to have your BLOG instated on this website you are hereby in full agreement with the following terms and conditions.

We have a duty of care to all users and members of the club to try to give a true and fair view to ensure club integrity to both club members and businesses associated with the Triumph marque.

This includes anything hosted on our website that is not necessarily directly related to Club Triumph.

1, You may not use your BLOG or Signature/User profile to advertise services, products, websites (future or present or in development) for any commercial or profit making purpose.

This includes using the BLOG of any other Members hereby instated on the site for any form of advertising directly or indirectly on products present or future, as bound by terms in this agreement (our right to decide).

You may not use a BLOG to make suggestion of any products or services for commercial purpose, even on a trial or test basis, including offering out new products for testing on a non-commercial or trial basis.

2, You may not review, overview or even make mention of any product you have received in any format, unless, the wording suggests the product is impeccable, reliable, safe and perfectly made.

You must not make any judgements on any products unless the judgements are 100% positive.

You must not make any judgments on any product you recieve that could be deamed as negative.

You may not make any mention of any issues or problems with any product supplied by anyone.This includes making mention of any problems with any product supplied by a profit making or commercial outfit, even if not mentioning the supplier of the said product, people with more knowledge or inside knowledge may still be able to trace the source.

This includes mentioning any problems with fit, fitment, durability, lifespan, tolerances, design issues or any issues that may draw any negative conclusion by the reader of the BLOG.

You must not make any comments that could damage the image of a product (standalone in its own right) or trader, directly or indirectly.

This includes second-hand products given to you free or sold on any classified or auction sites or obtained by any method, this includes stolen goods, items found lying in the street or sourced from anywhere on the Planet Earth.

This includes any item that can be traced back to a supplier that is currently trading, has traded is defunct or any individuals alive or deceased.

3, You must NOT make personal comments, or comments made to / or about any individual or trader past or present without their written consent and authorisation.


Bit "tongue in cheek" but you get the idea? :)

Gives power to RULES, NOT PEOPLE.

Rules are Rules, most people are weathercocks, not signposts.

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