Saturday, December 08, 2007

Darwinian Award for Engineering Excellence

Goes to. Master Cylinder bracket made from 2mm thick alloy....Yes, 2mm thick! I wondered why it was bent...It felt light, couldn't believe it when I took it off! I cannot imagine the large accident that would happen a few weeks after using it when the alloy fractured!

So instead of a nice quick job fitting the master cylinder I have to make a new bracket from 2.5mm thick steel.
Took a while cause the car was built on a LHD cali tub and the pedal area is not 100% flat as it was patched in, meaning the bracket had to be tweaked alot to sit correctly. It'll need a piece welding on the top after the holes are finalised, and can go with my lot for powder coating. Not quite sure of the thinking behind making a bracket from 2mm alloy, I came from the engineering school of common-sense, luckily for the person driving the car! You could get sued for fitting this alloy thing when the driver is killed!

Thats as far as I got this afternoon and evening.
Did make a plate to match the other side and finish off the harness mounts. There was a plate in a box but the holes didn't match the holes in the body? so a new one had to be made.
Had a dig at the brake lines and will probably re-route them, as atm they are in a stupid place, and the bonnet arch will scuff the residual pressure valve when closed. Not wanting to commit to too much atm, as with mine, its a good job picturing everything to avoid any backtracking. Engine needs to go in this week for assessing the plumbing etc.

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