Thursday, December 27, 2007

Bit of News....

Maybe of interest.

I brought 5 domain names the other day and have a decent deal on some webhosting.

I shall be putting a site together over the coming months.

This will include a forum, blog links, member and car profiles, some interactive elements etc.

During its inception period (years?) it will be free of charge and free for all to use and quite relaxed in nature, time will tell where things lead and there is no commercial or great intentions for it as a standalone resource. Simply an independant forum. If things kick off there will opportunities for Gurus to add their input.

Its time I put my online time into something useful or where its rewarded, people seem to think its a privilage for me to be somewhere...?

I have been speaking to various people about the best way to implement such a thing.

For the time being this will be a personal website, but may eventually develop into a commercial venture as I intend to expand various things I have been considering for a few years. Not bothered how things turn out, things will progress at a natural pace and end up where they end up.

The site will be solely funded from my own pocket at this stage.

The site will welcome owners of pretty much any marque, but will ground its routes in the current arena.

You never know, before long I can probably speak to other car clubs and get the Triumph boys more trackdays and events etc, sprinting afternoons and car control fun and skid sessions at MIRA etc.

I have plenty of time to spend on things :)

Don't poke the bear!

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