Friday, December 28, 2007

Steering Wheels

Been pondering a new wheel.

The old style mountney is ok but I'd like something nicer.

The MOMO, SPARCO and OMP wheels with a 6 bolt flange pattern have opposing bolts on a 70mm spacing and 35mm between each bolt. These do not fit the older mountney boss as the bolt pattern is smaller...The older mountney kit is 100mm between opposing centres.

This means though that by using a Mountney "M" Range, ie modern Mountney Boss kit...on 6 bolt 70mm pattern.

You can fit any 6 bolt wheel on a 70mm pattern (ie anything)

Also some specialised wheels come on a 3 bolt pattern such as ALPHA, SPA and some Sparco etc...

You can fit these to a NORMAL old style Mountney boss with some modification? to the boss by using this adaptor.

You can fit 3 bolt wheels to the Mountney M range boss using this adaptor below.

So no excuses to be mistified about Steering Wheels is there?

I quite liked with one...I never usually move my hands from 10 and 2 even under extreme conditions, so it would be nice to have a better grip here.


Doug said...


I've just swapped back from an M-range to a old fashioned Mountney after having the M-range on my Spit for only a few months.

Couldn't really get comfortable with it.

That said - it was the much cheaper end of the range I went for - broadly similar to the pic in your blog but with moulded rubber instead of leather. I also think I went for too big a wheel.

Reckon it will probably suit your car more than my more standard affair - hope you like it.

David Powell said...

What size was the wheel Doug?

The one I showed interest in is just 12.5" diameter. My current is 12". Which is rather small! However with the light car it was perfect for me and not too heavy on 3 point turns.

Doug said...

Well I've just gone for a 12 inch standard type wheel & I love it.

The M-type I didn't like was more like 14 inches. Also the wheel didn't feel very solid (the arc between the top too spokes flexed somewhat). Still I think a lot is probably down to the fact I bought at the cheapest end of the range. The one in your picture looks chunkier.

David Powell said...

Must say I have used 14/13 and far prefer the smaller wheels. I like the minimal inputs and relaxing lack of effort and movement!

Suprising bargains to be found on ebay if you hunt about...That wheel was £45...Although I have decided to go with another one if the sniper sorts me out!