Thursday, December 13, 2007

Chilly Willy - First Carbon Fibre Part :)

I am sure freezing outside is good for you.

Spent the evening fixing some carbs. Till my hands were so cold I couldn't do anything with them :)

So I did another job! Actually bloody quick I only started it an hour ago.

Used some wood to find the centres on the carbs...By hammering the wood into the studs then drilling through to get a pattern.
Found some carbon fibre sheet today. So here is a backplate for the filter I quickly cut out. (yes my toes are cold its good for you! Frost bite is good)
I retained the locking clips from some filter ages ago that was horrible and came on some carbs, never throw anything away!
Like so.
Easy enough.
Backplate weights nothing.
Just have to drill the remaining 4 barrel holes to complete.
I like!
Cost £0.

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