Monday, December 24, 2007

How interesting!

So it seems simple opinion is too much for Club Triumph.

Its ok for Jason to post things about people on his blog. I hate double standards! Its PATHETIC.

Club Officers don't like it when you post things about their favourite traders, you know who you are.

You will not see this blog gracing the CT site anymore.

Also a cover-up is in progress with two threads relating to the removal of this blog being removed from the forum.

I guess they will ban the main technical guru next.

What is CT, a CLUB or a DICATORSHIP run by a club of masons? Clubs are about PEOPLE.

Noone has EXPRESSED any opinion or given me any notice any this.

I am being moderated!

To all who have given this blog 258,456 hits in the last two/three years, I thank you greatly! I guess the 16,000 CT hits really factor little into my site traffic.

I have seen this Blog featured on LandRover Forums, Rover Forums, Lotus Forums and god knows elsewhere!


Beans said...

Have to agree with you on this one Dave. All I can say at the moment is keep up the good work....

And of course a merry xmas and all the best wishes for next year,

Cheers Theo

David Powell said...

Thanks Theo. Hopefully see you in August for the OldTimer GP's at Nurburgring. This time I'll talk you into a couple of laps with some instruction if you want, bring the T-Kreng :)

Anonymous said...

No surprise here Dave, CT have restricted free speech for their own agenda, look what hapened to Josh! Keep up the straight talking and happy xmas.

Anonymous said...

Totally behind you dave aswell. We had our disagreements etc but club triumph trying to cover up a structurally flawed product is just shocking and darn right dangerous. But then again are you surprised? lol

Keep up the good work, maybe one day i will attempt to race against the beast.

A nonomous said...

Keep up with this blog Dave and the excellent work.

I am totally DISGUSTED with club triumph and the people who are meant to run it as a free speaking place for us all to follow our passion..CARS.

Its such ashame when so many people pay a yearly membership fee for aspects that we enjoy to be taken away from us simply because one of the recently apointed 'club officials' happens to be in bed with a well known trader who supports CT. Its quite disgraceful how these people always get appointed without a vote, then they slag people off on there own blogs and nothing is ever said.

Maybe its about time Club Triumph considered a properly elected set of forum admins and club officials that are not all 'buddies' to make sure an even and democratic result happens in these situations.

I have no problem with the review you gave, its was fair, honest and non personal and i will not be buying one of these converstions until CC have proven to me they are safe.

The club needs a serious shake up at the top and its about time more democratic procedures are put in place to stop this sort of thing happening, if it does happen with the support of the membership put to a vote then fair enough, but like this it makes a mockery of the whole of CT.

You know who you are!!!

Nikolaj said...

Hi Dave. This is bad news indeed. I am completely with you. To sad that your blog has been removed. Hope you will forgive the admins and show your blog again - always been a good read. Regards Nick B.