Sunday, December 16, 2007


Ebay is such fun.

Bar when you run out of stuff to hunt for!

It happened a shortwhile ago. I was in an ebay frenzy for 12months sourcing everything on the cheap. It was an important part of my evenings!

Now I really cannot think of anything to ebay. Before I had a list of about 100items..

I am now down to the odd weekly hunt for AP calipers, wheels and heat exchangers and a stuff that comes along as needed.

Have to get the Spit finished off and think about whats next...

Was tempted to pickup a Lotus Europa wreck (renault one or engineless) cheap as possible and wedge a standard VVC K-series in it with no mods bar uprated halfshafts and brakes, retrim it, make it respectable but not anything like my spitfire and use it as my dailydriver :) just need a solid tub and chassis with suspension on and wiring loom and shoestring the rest by making it all and painting and doing everything myself.....but thats a bit of pipedream atm.

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