Thursday, December 06, 2007

Final suspension tweaks

Lump hammered various parts to get the wishbones to sit centralised in the mount brackets will be important on Bills solid bushes.

Added another brace to the wishbone, dropped the X idea, too fiddly.
All parts are numbered so they go back in the right place! Also as my camber was needing a about 10shims on oneside and 6 on the other I removed the thick packer from under the turrets inner mount and this will drop the inner pickup of the wishbone and incline it a tad more. So shortenening it and giving more camber, hopefully allowing me to remove 2 shims...the mount brackets will be fitted to the chassis with K-Nuts, they are short, have intergale washer and are VERY strong, there is only a thread poking out the nylocks with 8shims and none with 9.

Ok, just about a wrap for now. My shock mounts are being TIG'ed sometime this week. Its all ready for shotting and coating.

Which is good. Also most of my other commitments are complete on other tasks. So works shall commence on the Matt Mobile from tomorrow.

Have to strip out the rear suspension and get some roto mounts welded in the floorpan and paint it up again, while his suspension saga is being recified and get the diff fitted and oil'ed.

Mine is just about ready to remove the engine for the last time, paint the chassis and start the final build up.

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