Tuesday, December 18, 2007

High-Tech Seat mountings.

After a shortwhile, about 5minutes of pondering how best to get the seat adjustable for both height, rake, angle and corner to corner etc I came to this idea.

These special bolts came from 15kilos of stuff I poached from a skip :)

Sadly the only die I haven't got is 7/16th so a trip to the engineering shop needed. The main bolts will be threaded to the top. Shortened as needed.

These nice black head allen bolts of 3/8th thread will be shortened then hold the seat runner to the main bolt.
I welded some big penny washers to some tophats, these will be welded into the floorpan. The main bolt can screw right through the top-hats and a large penny washer be fitted under the floor and nylock on the end.
Pretty shit hot with the MIG now :)
They need more work obviously...The but the tophat will be welded to the floor, so the rake, side to side, height can be adjusted by loosening the small allen bolts holding down the seat runner then using a spanner on the top of the main bolts all, some or as needed, moving them up and down as needed in relation to the fixed tophats on the floorpan:) TOTALLY adjustable seat and all using super high quality fasteners.
Below gives an idea. Nice neat solution. Not overly light, but your life is a bonus.
Got the driving position like a warm slipper, supported perfectly, legs in the perfect place, steering wheel perfect. Kind of seating position you could drive in to the moon and back without a single ache :)

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