Saturday, December 15, 2007

Brake upgrade

Could use some funds for my braking upgrade.
Looking to get shot of this lot its all 5000miles old.

1/4worn set of Mintex... they are 1144. They were spares I had.

Two barely used Discs, solid, not warped, good quality branded.

Stub axles were new a while back, both uprights are sound, thread is better on one than the other, ie one is as new, one shows small amount of wear (came off my motor so nothing to bad). Can supply a better one in the deal and fit the stub axle. Bearings and hubs have been cleaned out ready for new grease, bearings numbered to go back in the correct hub. Its all painted to a reasonable standard.

Calipers are TYPE16 reconditioned and supplied about 5000miles ago, just been enameled and have had new seals fitted again.

You basically just need two trunnions.

All the fixings are in a bag.

Will throw in some new nylocks etc. Assemble the uprights so you just have to add the trunnions and grease the hubs and bearings and fit hubs.

Look for £275 the lot. Obviously its all used, however it needs NO cash spent on it and it should last ages.

Bare in mind the calipers alone are £200 if you have none to hand in and get the surcharge added.

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